FS Digital, is an interactive platform to bring together creative minds.

Flying Saucer Digital is the digit arm of Flying Saucer Pvt. Ltd. We create film content for websites, mobile phones, TV shows, webisodes, branded content etc. We have always believed that the standard TVC is not the only way to advertise. Our agenda is to collaborate with creatives from across media and clients and planners to create new expressions in storytelling and branding which are beyond the traditional TVC.

Wash Yatra

The first film to come out of Flying Saucer Digital. A campaign created and executed by us. Conceived by Codesign, a Delhi based communication design company for Wash United, Germany. The story and the lyrics are by Pushpendra Misra and it is directed by Bosco Bhandarkar.
There is a short story and a music video in this 10 minute film. It is aimed at teaching kids to maintain proper hygiene and sanitation in their homes and their surroundings.
It was used as a showstopper in a traveling fair(from village to village) for kids. SEE! SEE!